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86 Targeted Leads In 38 Days – Employee Benefits

Like the majority of people on LinkedIn, Dianne didn’t have a strategy to connect with prospects and generate business.  LinkedIn hosted her professional profile for others could view… but she wasn’t capitalising on the LinkedIn resource.

Our campaign began November 24th.  Her target audience: Canadian small business owners.

She started with fewer than 400 connections.  By the December 31 the number of targeted connections had grown to almost 1300 and from them, 86 leads were generated.

Nothing in my 7 years in this business has generated results like this!  I spend my time talking to prospects and closing business, not fussing with how to find them!”


TIME is Money:  Automating An Already Successful Strategy To Amplify Results

Paul GradenPaul Graden is a target marketing coach for business/non-profits/network marketing.

Paul already had over 3000 targeted connections and a successful strategy on LinkedIn… the challenge was TIME.

Here’s what Paul had to say:

“The Client Getting Engine has a unique, effective and proven approach to marketing, specialising in targeting my exact market and build a huge list of prospects – even without a website or auto-responder program. 

Additionally, I received outstanding customer service and felt like I was the most important client.  I couldn’t recommend The Client Getting Engine more highly.”